Winter has arrived!

Queenstown is looking great today! A storm has rolled through and glimpsing through the clouds some decent snow can now be seen coating the hills. A much needed kick start to the ski season and always a beautiful view.

The feeling around town is very much still in transition phase, with the summer crows gone and the winter arrivals still on the way. I’m sure people will be watching the forecast carefully and planing holidays for when there is consistent skiing. They do always say… “snow in June, still too soon”.
If you are still in the planning phase and making the decision on when to visit New Zealand’s’ Adventure Capital, bear in mind the dates of the NZ and Australian school holidays;

NZ school holidays 8-23 July
AU Capital Territory 1-16 July

Avoiding these dates generally means less people on the ski fields. The Australian and NZ holiday overlap is often the busiest time.

Queenstown Winter Festival is on again from the 22 – 25th of June and this really does launch us into winter mode proper! It’s exciting feeling the buzz grow as the snow accumulates. Winter Fest has some fun activities and shows. It is worth taking a look at all the information and schedule to ensure you maximise your experience:  WinterFest.
When planning your trip to Queenstown be sure to look into doing some activities that aren’t up the mountains, just in case there is bad weather, or snow is unfavourable. You will probably also want to mix it up to ensure you see a bit more of what Queenstown has to offer. Many people fall into a nice repeating pattern of 2 days skiing followed by 1 day off the mountains.
Take this opportunity to come out on a ride with us at Around The Basin Bike Tours.

We operate right through the winter due to demand. The winter crowd are outdoorsy people who like to get out and about. Whether riding for fitness, or for wine! We have trips to suit all. So lets hope fore more snow and some great skiing this winter, while also resting easy knowing that Queenstown is a destination with activities for all conditions. This ski town has so much to offer, on and off the slopes.

Written by Hamish Fleming

Around The Basin Tour Guide (and avid skier!)