Date Published: 25/4/20                                                                                                         Last Updated:25/4/20

COVID-19 Operations

As of Tuesday the 28th April New Zealand is moving from Level 4 Lockdown to Level 3. Woohoo!!
After weeks of being shut down Around The Basin are stoked to be able to begin to offer limited product once again in Queenstown.

Outlined in the table below is what we can provide safely at each of the lockdown levels.


Alert Level

Products Available

4 Closed for business. Email and phone still being answered for future bookings. Give us a call… 
3 Very limited operations. Bike Hire will be offered at Level 3. This will be available to be booked via phone only. We will deliver bikes to your accomodation / residence. Payment must be made prior to delivery over the phone or via direct debit bank transfer. Bikes will be delivered at safe distance. Pick up will be arranged. Please call us (0279525801) and we can get you out biking the Queenstown Trails.
2 Bike Tours and Ride Packages become available. Shuttle numbers to be managed to keep groups as separate as possible. Van numbers will be limited if multiple groups will be travelling together to ensure appropriate social distancing. Bike Hire available.
1 Bike Tours and Ride Packages available. Shuttle numbers to be managed to keep groups as separate as possible. Bike Hire available.


How will we keep you safe?

Around The Basin will be coating bikes, helmets, vans (seats, seatbelts, doors etc) with Clear Protect 30.

Clear Protect 24 Hand Protection will be made available to all customers and will be used daily by staff.


What Is The Clear Protect Range?

The Clear Protect product range is a true game changer in terms of pathogen protection. What we like about this product range is the way that the products form an antimicrobial coating on both surfaces and hands, acting as a long lasting barrier to bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and algae. This means that when used on hands, you are protected for 24 hours, even with repeated washing. This is far superior to standard sanitisers, which are effective in cleaning your hands initially, but provide no lasting protection between applications. Clear Protect 24 can be applied once at the start of the day and you are good to go.

The same technology is in play with Clear Protect 30. This is a surface sanitiser and protectant which last for 30 days. This is perfect for stopping surface transmission. Both these products have been tested and proven against the Coronavirade family of viruses (which includes COVID-19). Long lasting protection, combined with proven results make these two products an easy choice. We want to control our environment and provide both staff and customers with confidence that they are safe under our care.

Ride with us and know we are taking the appropriate measures to protect you. Let’s move down the Levels of lockdown and take the necessary steps to ensure we stay there.