Covid Clean Approved

We are a safety conscious business, with the health and safety of our staff and customers a high priority. We follow all Government protocols for businesses, as per the current Alert Level (see the latest updates here).


We have been approved with a Covid Clean Mark of Assurance from Qualmark (see more here), demonstrating we meet the necessary requirements to keep our clients safe on an on-going basis.

We clean all of our bikes and helmets after use, specifically touch-pointing handle bars and helmets with a viral-killing sanitiser spray. We also sanitise our vehicles on a regular basis with Clear Protect 30, a surface protectant proven effective against Covid-19.


We provide hand sanitiser in our shop and each of our vehicles for customers to use.


Covid Tracer App
We have the Contact Tracing QR Codes prominently displayed in both our shop building and our vehicles. We also keep day-sheet records of names and contact numbers of all customers/groups who use our services.


Face Coverings

If Government protocols mandate their use, face coverings will be required in both our shop and our vehicles. You are welcome to use your own face covering or we will make masks available.


If you have any questions relating to the above, please feel free to email us before your ride: