Bee The Change | Our Hive

Around The Basin are proud to sponsor a bee hive that sits alongside the Queenstown Trail (on Whitechapel Road, Arrow Junction). Bees have been struggling in recent years and we understand the important role they play in our ecosystem. We think that BeeThe Change are doing some pretty awesome work.

“It is globally recognised that an insect and bee mass extinction could well occur in our lifetime. This would have a catastrophic impact on global food supply.
Through facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility, Bee the Change provides environmental education and pollination initiatives to encourage healthy bee populations.
Bee the Change is leveraging New Zealand’s unique geographic advantage and stringent bio-security laws. Once strong and healthy colonies are established, ‘nucleus hives’ can be shipped to crisis areas around the world to help repopulate colonies.
Together we can create a safe haven for the bee population.” Neal McAloon, Bee The Change NZ.

We are proud to be contributing to this great project and look forward to learning more about our hive and watching its growth.


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